Monday, August 9, 2010

taking the blah out of oatmeal

So for the past month I have been in a bit of a rut. I really try to eat a variety of food but lately everyone morning its been a peice of ezeikiel toast (or 2) with earth balance butter. Sometimes I switch it up by using peanut butter but usually Im craving the earth balance b/c its just so freakin good! I never ate much butter before becomming a vegan b/c I knew it was just fat and badness but with earth balance butter its a soy blend so its diary free and its also made of healthy oils instead of unhealthy fats. And so the obession began.

Yesterday I ran out of my ezeikiel bread and forced myself this morning to get creative. This is what I came up with :

I used whole grain oats and added water and a pinch of salt to make the oatmeal. Once its cooked through and while still super hot I added 1 tbs of vegan chocolate chips (or a small peice of dark chocolate works too). Then I cut up a half of a banana and added that with some sliced almonds. Topping it all off is a drizzle of agave nector! Yum!

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