Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I haven't blogged in awhile but the Oprah show was to air a Vegan episode yesterday and it got me all fired up again and wanting to talk to people about vegan ism. I was SO excited to hear that she was going to be going vegan for a week, along with almost 300of her staffers. I think it is SO COOL that that many people were willing to try what may seem like an "extreme" new diet. I think its SO COOL that they were OPEN TO IT! That also tells me that there are a lot of people out there who are maybe not feeling their best and are looking for a change that could make them feel better...that even if there was a CHANCE that a vegan diet could 1. give them more energy 2. help them lose weight 3. make their skin GLOW that they would be willing to give it a shot.


... What is not cool is that no one in Wisconsin got the chance to watch this episode. Good old mother nature dumped down a shit ton of snow and the residents of the beer, cheese, & meat state missed their opportunity to hear about if this worked for them!!

I personally wrote to the Oprah show today after searching endlessly on the web for the episode. You can view CLIPS of the show HERE: ...and can I say I LOVE lisa ling! I just think everything she covers is fascinating..maybe its her voice.. or the way she acts questions.. but I just love her!!

In this clip they compare giving up fast food to an alcoholic giving up alcohol... ITS ADDICTIVE.
Here Kathy Freston helps a newbie vegan create a meal for her family. Isn't Kathy amazingly gorgeous. YES THAT IS A GLOW MY FRIEND!

In my letter to Oprah I encouraged them to air the episode again its its entirety. I imagine that this episode is going to get a lot of media buzz. Veganism is becoming a trend. Its popularity is soaring and the word is spreading.

I am approaching my almost 1 year mark that I decided to go vegan. Have I cheated at all in that 1 year. Of coarse. Not on any meat or fish but I have had dairy on occasion. Being vegan is not about being perfect. Ive said it before and I'll say it again. But if out of 365 days I have been Vegan 350 days..then that is a HUGE improvement from where I was and that is a lot of dairy and meat that I havent purchased.. and therefore a lot of companies that lost my dollars. Every time you purchase things in the grocery store or every time you order at a restaurant you are VOTING. If you think about it that way then you can feel good knowing that you are making a difference. Even if you just adopt a meatless monday.. over the coarse of a year..or five years..thats a lot of Mondays! Start small like Oprah and her crew did and just SEE how you feel.. give it a week. Give it a few days. A few meals. Why not try it and see how you feel? Make some new recipes. Try Juicing. The process can actually be fun and invigorating!!

Ive decided to start blogging again. It will help me keep on track..continuing to make healthy choices and continuing to answer questions people may have etc. THere are so many misconceptions out there. A year ago I never even knew exactly what veganism was and now I have read enough books on it for fill a library and have had a gazillion conversations about it with people who are curious ;)

Stay Tuned.. and if Oprah Re-Airs and I dont let you know PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


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