Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 4 Continued and Day 5

Yesterday after lunch I was feeling really tired and took a nap.. when I woke up it was dinner time and I just wanted something really SIMPLE. Sometimes after a lot of complicated food a nice bowl of rice or something similar is nice and easy on the bod. I woke up pretty hungry and didn't want to make 50 minutes to make rice so I had some toast instead with buttery goodness- earth balance buttery spread. Seriously this stuff is so yummy and I *almost* feel like I'm eating something really naughty when I use it on something. Later on I made some vegan peanut butter cups from The Kind Diet book... This is something I have made many times and can consistently make WELL. haha. Its a crowd pleaser! Everyone I have made it for has absolutely died over it. Reeses peanut butter cups can not hold a flame to these! They are rich and sooo decedent! My fiance wanted me to make him some for the week (Yes! Can u believe it!? Requesting vegan food!!!) so he actually went and bought the supplies and all I had to do was put it all together. I of coarse couldn't help myself and had a couple too :)

Day 5
Almost at the one week mark. Today I woke up feeling really energized and decided to go for a run.... On the treadmill. I'm not crazy. I did a little over 3 miles. After running I had the BEST organic grapefruit EVER. I drizzled the top of agave nectar (Similar to honey. sweeter then sugar so you only need a little bit. 100% natural it comes from a plant. 100% vegan unlike honey.) I also had a small side of tofu hash that I made the day before. Its pretty much ground up tofu, seasonings and herbs, and lots of veggies.. I made it with green pepper, onions, tomatoes, olives, and peas. Once its almost mixed up you could easily mistake it for scrambled eggs with veggies. Tofu is a great choice for protein because it undergoes much less processing then other protein vegan fare (Like soy "chicken" pattys and other meat substitutes). For lunch I was out and about and running right on time. I stopped in chipolte and got some chips and guac to get me by :) yum! Chipolte is one of my new fav restaurants since going vegan because almost everything is organic and if you are going to eat meat you can feel better about it knowing that their meat is from free range farms where the animals are treated more humanely. You can learn more about the company in Food Inc. or by reading their mission on their website. If you are going to eat fast food- this is one of the best choices out there HANDS DOWN.

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