Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fresh Start Smoothie

Whenever I go to my refrigerator and I'm feeling kinda crappy there is my bolthouse green goodness smoothie staring me in the face. The packaging even says "feel good". Its like its calling out to me! Weather I ate too much the day before or have been surviving more on fries and cereal then fruit and veggies it becomes the perfect way to start a new day. It contains no added sugars- just fruit and veggies. Its also a thicker smoothie like consistently so it fills you up and can be used as a meal replacement.

It looks gross. But I can get over that. When clients walk in and I have a half full glass they look at me strange. But I can get over that too. It may seem like I am being really brave drinking this gross science experiment-esque beverage all in the name of nutrition but in actuality... Its tastes like pineapples! Its soooo good!

They have other flavors too but I like the green goodness one b/c it has the veggies in there- which I've already admitted I have a problem with getting enough of! Also it has 30% of my daily b12! Here's the website to learn more:

I've gotten mine at whole foods, sendiks, and even pick n save so pretty much everyone is carrying them now. I usually find them in the produce section :) Any other green smoothie drinkers out there???

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  1. I love Bolthouse farms stuff. Nathan's Mom introduced me to them the first time I went to the beach house. Mmmm I want one now!