Sunday, July 11, 2010

Out on the Vegan Town!

Tonight my fiance and I met up with our newly married friends for a nice outdoor dinner. I suggested Trocadero, a favorite Milwaukee restaurant of mine. It also has several vegetarian options- many of them vegan. Here's what I ordered:

Usually I'm not one to order alcoholic drinks. I'm just not really a fan. BUT I had my new sun dress on, we are sitting outside, and I know summer will be over before I know it sooo I splurged:) My first drink was a blood orange mojito however pictured here is my 2nd drink- a blackberry currant mojito! Both were SO good and not so overly strong that they were hard to drink. They were just delicious!

Next up was my entree... A strawberry summer salad! SOOO GOOD! I forgot to take a pic before I ate half of it... oops. Pictured here you still see the walnuts and apples BUT there were also strawberries too :P I ordered mine without the feta otherwise that would have come on top of the salad. The dressing was a champagne vinaigrette. So yummy!

Whenever I order a salad (especially now that I don't get them with cheese) I always feel so good about my decision that I feel justified in ordering sides like this.......

Sweet potatoes fries!
(the pictured beer is the fiances)

Like I said, their menu had lots of options unfortunately no vegan desserts! Guess I'll have to stick to cafe manna for those! :)


  1. I also love Cafe Centraal for Veg options. :) <3 Their mac and cheese is to die for (though not vegan) :)~

  2. I havent been there yet! Will def. keep in mind! Im always looking for new places. All the good ones are downtown!!